Inpatient Care

At Willow Creek Behavioral Health, we provide expert treatment in a safe and caring environment to stabilize people in a mental health crisis or at risk. During an inpatient stay, patients receive treatment, develop skills to make long-lasting changes and safely transition to continued care.

Willow Creek is a 72-bed hospital, the largest in northern Wisconsin, accredited to provide effective care for those suffering from acute behavioral and mental health challenges. Our facility has separate units for children ages 5-12, adolescents, adults and seniors. 

We provide an assessment, diagnosis and rapid stabilization of acute psychiatric issues. Hospitalization allows a safe, structured environment in times of crisis with around-the-clock care, physician supervision, medication management and group therapy, seven days a week. 

Admission starts with a private phone call with a mental health expert to guide you in the next steps, including scheduling a free, in-person evaluation. Call us, 24/7, at 920-328-1220.